Frosé all day

Frosé is basically a slushie for grownups, but instead of bubblegum or tropical blue, it tastes like wine… except better! If you are a happy person who likes sunshine, hammocks and chilling then yeah, you’re going to love frosé!

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The cocktail is a big hype in America but we didn’t see it in Belgium yet (and if you did, you got to tell us about this magical place) So we decided to give it a try and make it ourselves, and it is like super easy!

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You will need:
- 350 ml of rosé
- 150 grams of strawberry’s
- 30 ml liquid sugar (or more to taste)
- 50 ml vodka (or more if you are a trained alcoholic)
- A blender
- Some friends to get drunk with

Before you begin you need to do some preparations the day before. Fill an ice cube tray with rosé (our ice cube tray could fit about half a bottle of frosé) Then the day after when the rosé is frozen you can start making your frosé’s! To start, put the strawberry’s and the liquid sugar in the blender and blend them until you get a smooth mixture. Then add the vodka. And at last, add the frozen rosé… It’s as easy as that. Serve in a nice glass and use a strawberry for decoration. We know you guys will love this cocktail! And its perfect to cool down during the upcoming heat wave in Belgium.

Thank you for reading our blogpost and stay tuned for more!

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