We know it’s been like forever but we finally emerged from our long hibernation and we are back with a new blogpost. Some things have changed since the last post; Jeffrey has a new job (YAY)! He’s now manager for Fossil Group, you know the brand that makes watches and stuff. Anyway we are glad to be back and we hope to find more time to write blogposts in the future. So as I said earlier we are out of hibernation and hoped there would be sun and warm weather but life’s a bitch and its still winter. The good part of cold weather is that you can show off you’re entire coat collection. We decided to dedicate this post to the colour burgundy, either you love the colour or you hate it (there’s no in between). We love this colour but you can’t just combine it with everything in your closet, if you choose the right combination this colour can be a really nice attribution to your outfit. So without further do, here are the outfits we have chosen:

Jeffrey calant

Jeffrey is wearing a burgundy scarf from the Belgian brand ‘Essentiel’, we both love this brand so much although we wouldn’t recommend it if you’re on a budget (Sorry). He’s also wearing a white shirt from ‘Versace’, also not recommended if you’re on a budget although he bought it for a really good price but sshht. The blue pants he’s wearing with the white stripes on the sides is from ‘Zara’ and so is the light grey coat. The white shoes with a little bit of black on the back are from ‘IKKS’, they are really comfortable btw. To finish the look Jeffrey is wearing a bracelet from ‘Diesel’ but you have to look closely to see it!

red bomber jacket

Richard is wearing a burgundy turtleneck from ‘Selected Homme’, we both have a healthy obsession with turtlenecks (our first post was also devoted to the turtleneck) The coat he’s wearing is from ‘Zara’ and has a little bit of burgundy on the inside. Richard is also wearing a dark grey jeans from ‘Diesel’ and chelseaboots from the Danish brand ‘Matinique’ (they are suede and it’s like walking on clouds). Probably the best part of the outfit is his new watch from ‘Armani’, which is a timeless piece.

So that’s it! We hope you enjoyed the outfits. If you’d like to make some suggestions for blogposts in the future, don’t hesitate to send us a DM on Instagram. Below you will find all the photos.

all black outfit
richard vercamer red bomber jacket
casual streetstyle
fashion photography
jeffrey calant fashion photography
richard vercamer red bomber jacket

We are wearing:

Coat: Zara
Shirt: Versace
Pants: Zara
Shoes: IKKS
Bracelet: Diesel
Scarf: Essentiel
Coat: Zara
Turtleneck: Selected Homme
Jeans: Diesel
Watch: Emporio Armani
Shoes: Matinique
Glasses: Rayban