Air plants

This is our first lifestyle blogpost and we are talking about air plants (Tillandsia). We saw them a lot on instagram for the last past months and we loved them immediately. A few weeks ago we finally found a few species at Intratuin. They also sold the beautiful ornaments in black and copper color. The fun thing about air plants is that they can live without soil, so the ways to use them are endless.

Jeffrey calant

We bought 3 air plants, 2 bigger ones and 1 small one. We put the bigger ones in the ornaments that are hanging from the ceiling. For the small one I bought a marble thealight holder, that fits perfectly in my room. They give that unique green touch to the room.

air plant

Air plants are super easy to take care off, they survive on sunlight and a little bit of water. That makes it the perfect plant to put in the bathroom, because of the high humidity the plants don't need a lot of extra water. Put them in a light room, but not in the direct sunlight. When you put them in another room (like we did) you should spray them with water ones a week during winter and 2 times a week during summer. Air plants like rainwater as there are more nutritions in it to survive on. They like fresh air, so in the summer you can put them outside for a couple of hours.

I hope you enjoyed our first lifestyle blogpost! Stay tuned for more and thank you for reading! You can take a look at all the photo’s we made below.

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couple closet air plants